danAfter spending several years cooped up in an office, I decided to make a run for it! So I quit my job, sold my car, dumped my girlfriend, and went off on a one-year travel around the world.

Whilst traveling, I noticed an incredible thing; everyone in the world speaks English! Ok, maybe not everyone (we’re working on that!), but the common language of the international community, was almost exclusively English! Whenever I visited hostels and hotels, tourist bars and beaches, I would meet people from all over the world, all with their own languages, but they all communicated with each other, in English!

Watching all these nationalities being able to communicate because English made me understand just how important English is in the wider world. It can open so many opportunities for you, whether it be simply making a friend from a foreign country and finding about their culture, to being able to visit another country, without fear of the dreaded language barrier, or even to working or studying abroad.

Here at Universal Campus, I hope to open up to our students, the same amazing experiences I was able to have, and are still having, simply because I could speak English.



すべての国籍の人々が英語を使ってコミュニケーションをとることができることを目の当たりにし、英語は広い世界でどれだけ重要かがわかりました。英語はあ なたたちにとてもたくさんの好機を与えてくれます。外国の友達を作ることや、文化を学ぶこと、言語の障害を恐れないで他の国を訪れることや、外国で働いた り勉強することもできます。



tylerWhere I am from, there is almost every nationality living in Hawaii. That’s pretty unique. Many families spoke their own language among themselves. But when they went to school, work, or even played with their friends everyone spoke the universal language: English

In life itself, everyone may use or will have to use English in their daily lives. It’s very vital to keep this in mind. When you expose children or even adults to English in a fun and tantalizing way but yet very methodically thought out lesson plan, you’ll have phenomenal results.

Here at Universal Campus, we’ll help each and every student achieve their goals.


日本の生活ではまだまだ英語が必須だとはいえませんが、幼児期から英語に触れ、親しみ、学んでおくことで将来の言語学習において大きな意味を持ちます。幼 児期から整った環境で楽しく自然に英語を体感することでリスニング力などの学習だけでは習得し得ない英語力を身につけることができます。



annieHello! I’m Annie. When I started to leave frequently my country to discover the world a few years ago, I was expecting to miss a lot of information because I didn’t speak the local language of the places I was visiting.

Despite this fact, I was motivated to travel and to see what was “out there”. As time went by, I soon realized that being able to speak English allows me to communicate all around the world and that a partial comprehension of the culture is possible. Saying that English is a universal language is not a lie. Communication is the most important thing when you want to meet other people, to understand their cultures and, let’s face it, just to live every day’s life in a foreign country. When I started to work for Universal Campus, I was impressed by the curriculum that the school provides to their students, the energy of the employees towards the classes and the help that the managers offer to newly hired teachers. Extra activities, little parties and the availability of the staff create more occasions for the students to exchange and practice their skills. Under the leadership of qualified teachers, it is a perfect environment to develop and satisfy a curiosity for a different language and acquire knowledge that will help discover the whole world! Welcome to Universal Campus!

こんにちは。アニーです。私は数年前から母国語以外の世界の国々を知るためによく旅をするようになりました。その行った国でその国の言葉が 話せないので、私は必要な情報を見逃してしまうのだろうなと思っていました。そういう不安はありましたが、私は「そこに何があるのか」を探し求め、そして 新しい発見を楽しみに旅を続けました。そしてある時、気づきました。英語を話せるということは世界中の人々とコミュニケーションがとれ、その国の文化を知 ることができるということを。世界共通語が英語というのは嘘ではありません。コミュニケーションが取れるということは新しい人々との出会いの時、他の国の 文化を知りたい時、そして外国で生活をするためにもっとも大切なことです。

私がユニバーサルキャンパスで働き始めたとき、私はスタッフが生徒に注ぐエネルギーやユニバーサルキャンパスが提供しているカリキュラムの質に強く感動し ました。授業以外のパーティーやピクニックでは日頃の英会話の成果を試せるいい機会となります。ユニバーサルキャンパスは子ども達の英語への好奇心を満た し、知識を高め、新しい世界の発見を手助けできる場所です。



aiko“Here at Universal Campus, we are an English school where everyone enjoys learning English.”

We do lessons for students of all ages from as early as infants.  We treat each and every student as family.  

“Through the lessons, we would also want students to learn how important it is to communicate with one another!”

It’s very challenging and it makes you want to learn more!
I’m sure that it would lead you to a new world.



言語を学ぶことは難しいことですが、それと同時に様々な文化や人とふれあうことができ、意欲もかきたてられることと思います。 経験から学ぶもことが多いので、早く始めて、長く続けることが大切です。英語を学ぶことでみなさんの夢が広がることを願ってレッスンを行っています。


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